May 31

Today’s Texts – Ecclesiastes 11, 12,  2 Chronicles 9:29-31.

Highlights:  The book of Ecclesiastes concludes with a strong statement about the true meaning of life.  Then we read about the death of Solomon and how his son Rehoboam becomes the new king.

Much of Ecclesiastes sounds depressing.  See for a good example Ecclesiastes 11:7-8.  What do you find helpful in a statement like that? Why is it good to acknowledge the realities of life such as sorrow and death?


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  1. Help to realize there will be sunshine and rain, happiness and sorrow. It’s all a part of life. I think the vanity is to believe only good is due you and fail to acknowledge any other power than your own.
    I did have a question about 11:3,4. I can’t seem to see beyond the words themselves.

    • Andrew

      I think verse 3 is pointing out the natural order of things. He is saying the world is designed with specific laws of nature, and that it will operate according to those laws. They also operate without any help or input from man. To me, verse 4 is telling us to not focus our attention on things beyond our control, in this case wind and clouds, but to apply ourselves to our work. He is saying those who don’t focus on their work will not be successful. Later in verse 5 and 6 he backs up these verses by saying there are things we won’t understand and that we should simply do our work. That’s just my take on it.

  2. Andrew

    He tells us we should enjoy the time we do have. He also says there will be many days of darkness and that we should remember them as well. He then says it is all meaningless. What I take away is that remembering the tough times will make enjoying the good times that much better. Also, both the good and bad times will end and we will move on to our eternal life, so make the best of the days we are given.

  3. Mary K

    These verses help me put events of life into perspective, understanding that nothing is permanent, so enjoy what I have while I have it, yet living in such a way where I won’t be shamed by God’s final judgement.

  4. Jimmy Haynes

    My thought on 11:3-4, is similar to Andrew – Somethings we cannot change. If its going to rain, where a tree falls there it will lie – of course it will! Kind of like the “it is what it is” phrase. We shouldnt worry ourselves constantly over things we cannot change or control. And in verse 4, we can always find an excuse not to get to work….it might rain, then again it might not so go do your work.

    As far as the unpleasant things in life – that is reality and we need to adopt a world view that is in harmony with that – then we will not be devistated if bad comes, we will enjoy the good we do get, but our real hope will be based on God and heaven someday – which can never be taken away from us.

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