May 28

Today’s reading: Ecclesiastes 1-4

Highlights:  What is the meaning of life?  The book of Ecclesiastes documents Solomon’s  personal quest to discover the meaning of life.  Solomon’s qualifications to be a philosopher are his wisdom and his position which enables him to try everything life has to offer.   His conclusion is that “under the sun” all is meaningless – life is filled with problems, inequities, momentary thrills that leave one unsatisfied – and then you die. Twice in these early chapters (2:24, 3:12) he says there is nothing better than to eat and drink and do good. The book begins to suggest in these early chapters and will ultimately conclude later that the true meaning of life is only found in trusting God.

What are some of the specific problems in life that he identifies in the first 4 chapters?


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  1. Jeff

    3:21- Who knows if the human spirit rises upward and if the spirit of the animal goes down into the earth?” This is again a surprise that he who seemed to have an in with God would be questioning the ultimate destiny of man and comparing him to an animal.
    Surely Solomon being the wisest to ever life and one who had this relationship with God would know about the spirit of man. Right?

    • Jimmy Haynes

      I have always understood this one to be the idea that in the book he is examining life from a natural perspective, taking nothing into account other than what is observable “under the sun”. The book teaches that ultimately we must believe in God and shows the futility of life without God. But from the perspective of someone who does not believe in God there is nothing observably different about the death of a man or animal. Who can say the spirit of a man goes back to God? The book will explore many things which do not make sense and are not fair if this life is all there is. Just my thought about a tough question.

  2. Mary K

    Meaningful work, asset accumulation, and relationships that are remembered after death.

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