Challenging, Exciting Readings Ahead

In our readings right now Sandy Steinman, one of the Lakeshore elders,  is guiding us through the Psalms. This will be “challenging” because it is lengthy (22 days) and has none of the “stories” that are sometimes so interesting to us.  On the other hand, we need to see the beauty of the Psalms and appreciate them for what they are!

First, the Psalms are songs! Its music. As you read you see musical terms strewn throughout the Psalms.  If we are reading these as “doctrine” we are not reading them correctly. They are songs. They are poetry.  Evidently it is VERY IMPORTANT TO GOD (150 Psalms worth) that we think about our relationship with Him in ways other than academic learning. These were to be sung and singing stimulates the emotions in a special way.

Furthermore, no matter what your mood (loneliness, guilt, joy, anger, despair, grief, brokenheartedness, doubt, thankfulness, etc) no matter what you are dealing with today, you can always find yourself in the Psalms.

So this is an encouragement to enjoy the Psalms for the next few weeks. Consider Sandy’s comments and question, and share your thoughts with the rest of the group. Remember – liking us on facebook (link below) is the best way to share the Daily Bible Review with others!

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  1. Joy Lewis

    I like what you said about finding our moods in the Psalms. Thanks for your encouragement to enjoy the Psalms.

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