March 28

Today’s Reading: 1 Samuel 8-12

Highlights: In chapter 8 the people demand that Samuel give them a king like the other nations had kings. Samuel is displeased, but God tells him “they have not rejected you, but me that I should rule over them”, and tells Samuel to grant their request.   In chapters 9 and 10 Saul is chosen to the the first king. In chapter 11 he solidifies his leadership with a victory over Nahash the Ammonite. In chapter 12 Samuel urges the nation to be faithful.

Saul is an ideal king from a worldly perspective: tall and handsome and a good soldier.   What are some other good qualities he possessed early in his reign?  For help see 9:21, 10:27, 11:12-13.


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2 Responses to March 28

  1. Mary K

    Saul was humble. He was a dutiful son. He wasn’t vengeful when some refused to accept him as king. He loved and celebrated God.

  2. Andrew

    I was truly impressed at Saul displaying great personal restraint in not wanting to silence those that opposed him as king. The temptation seek vengeance is a strong one. Saul showed great strength of character in not responding in kind to their lack of respect for him. He showed even greater strength of character when he did not keep the glory of victory for himself, but properly gave credit to God. Our world would be in a better place if we could always find men with these character traits to lead us today.

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