March 26

Today’s Reading: 1 Samuel 1, 2

Highlights:  Hannah, a godly woman, makes a vow to God that if she will have a son she will “give Him to the Lord”. The Lord grants her prayer, she gives birth to Samuel, and when he is weaned she takes him to serve with the priests in Shiloh. This takes place during the days of the priesthood of Eli.  Eli’s sons “were corrupt and did not know the Lord” (2:12) and were guilty of many sins. Because of this God decrees their rejection.

Chapter 2:1-10 is a beautiful prayer of Hannah spoken on what we would think would be a very painful day – the day she gives her son to Eli to help in ministering before the Lord.  What faith do you see in her prayer that indicates how she found comfort in what must have been a difficult time?


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  1. Janie

    Anyone know why Samuel was allowed to be priest even though he was not a Levite?

  2. Jimmy Haynes

    Good question – I made a note about this on tomorrow’s reading.

    I think the answer is that his family was of the tribe of Levi….thats what a genealogy in 1 Chronicles 6:33-34 states. When 1 Samuel 1:1 says they were Ephraimites it could refer to where they lived (remember they had cities throughout the tribes). Thats my thought – anyone else?

  3. Hannah had great faith in the Lord so the Lord rewarded her with the answer to her prayer. The Lord even blessed Hannah with more children because of her devotion and dedication to Him. God most certainly keeps his promises and rewards those who diligently seek him with all their heart.

  4. Connie

    As you said Jimmy (1st Chron 6) Samuel’s parents were Levitical. Eli did nothing to remove his evil sons from the priesthood. Chapter 3 Eli was warned that his sons would die 2:34 on the same day.Eli was very old when the Lord called Samuel three times during the night and Eli knew the Lord was calling Samuel. The Lord answered Hannah’s unselfish prayer when she promised she would give her baby to the Lord; and he would belong to the Lord all of his life. Her song of praise and thanks to God was prophetical.
    The answered prayer of a devout mother. This is my thought.

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