March 23

Today’s Reading: Judges 13 – 16

Highlights:  Today we read the story of Samson.  Israel is evil again and being oppressed by the Philistines. God raises up Samson as the deliverer.   He has great physical strength but a weakness for women that gets him into trouble. God uses these events to give Israel victory over the Philistines.

Do you consider Samson a strong man?  Is there anything to admire in his character in the the story of his death?



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  1. sandy Steinman

    Truthfully other than amazing physical strength there is very little to admire in Samson.Samson is also an important example of unfulfilled potential. Though he did great things for God, it is staggering to consider what he might have done and been for God.God did use Samson mightily; but God used Samson despite his sin, not because of it. It is fair to suppose that God may have used Samson in a far greater way if he made himself a clean vessel according to the principle of 2 Timothy 2:20-21.

    It is staggering to consider what he might have done and been for God.
    We could say that Samson was restored with self-renunciation. This last great victory came only has he was broken, humiliated, and blind. He could no longer look to himself. Prior to this we don’t see Samson as a man of prayer, but here he prayed. He was humbled enough to allow a little boy to help him

  2. Jimmy

    Thanks Sandy – great comments.

  3. Mary K

    This is perhaps my least favorite story in the history of Israel. All of the characters from Samson’s adulthood are despicable. Samson was self serving. Even in death his final act was one of personal vengeance. If Samson had any redeeming qualities, they aren’t recorded here.

  4. I think the story of Samson, depicts a very important aspect of our human nature as people, in regards to our own basic imperfections. Yet, God knew even from inside the womb, how Samson would be as a man, but God still used him in spite of himself. To me, this is a clear indication of how God uses us today in spite of our own bad choices. I am so glad that God is bigger than we are, and he knew us before the creation of the world.
    Debi Cox

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