February 25

Today’s Reading: Leviticus 20, 21, 22

Highlights: This reading starts with the condemnation of those who would “give any of their descendants to Molech”, followed by various laws regarding sexual purity. In 21 and 22 the topic is the purity of the priesthood and the purity of the offerings brought to God.

What expression does God use in 20:22-24 to describe what would happen to them if they practice the abominations of the nations? What do you think God meant by this? Could it apply to nations today?


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  1. Cheryl L

    God expects his people to set themselves apart from the rest of the world. To remain pure. He expects the best of everything. This applies today. The punishment then was certain and swift. Today we are given a chance to repent and ask for forgivness.

  2. Mary K

    What does the scarlet thread signify?

  3. Jimmy

    Where do you see that Mary K? I may be looking at a different version.

    • Mary K

      It’s part of the cleansing or purification process but as soon as I posted it I realized it was from the Daily Bible book and not today’s reading. The reference is Numbers 19:1-10. You may wish to wait til we get there to answer. I can wait. Many thanks.

  4. Jimmy Haynes

    No wonder I didnt see a scarlet threadI I know the different readings are inconvenient but some don’t have the actual Daily Bible. I read that section and really do not know the significance.

  5. Jimmy Haynes

    On today’s question God said if they practice the abominations of the Canaanites “the land would vomit them out” which I believe refers to the fact that the practices were not just “wrong according to God’s word” but were destructive. “Sin carries with it seeds of its own destruction” someone once said.

  6. Norma

    The sad thing is that America today is practicing so many of these immoral things – it may not be long until this country reaps what it sows.

  7. Jimmy Haynes

    The 10 commandments, especially the last 5 starting with honoring your father and mother were given to create a strong nation. When we ignore these society, beginning with the family, will eventually crumble.

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