February 24

Today’s Reading: Leviticus 16, 17, 18, 19

Highlights – Instructions about the Day of Atonement. Chapter 17-19 list many laws including prohibition against eating blood, warnings against the abominable sexual customs of the Canaanites.

There are several interesting laws in this lengthy – comment on or ask a question about any you find interesting.

Our main thought will concern the important “Day of Atonement”.  The entire nation was to “afflict their souls” – the only day of fasting required by the Law of Moses.  The ritual of the scapegoat is especially meaningful.  What promises did God make to the nation for their observance of this day?


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  1. Mary K

    I find Leviticus 19:14 one of the more interesting. In the middle of detailing specific wrong doings, this verse emphasizes the importance of doing the right thing from the heart. Even though the deaf will never hear your curse and the blind will never see your stumbling block, your good heart will treat others as if they could. It also teaches that not being “caught” is not the same as innocence.

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