Note About Our Reading Schedule

February 18 – March 6 we are reading the Law of Moses.   The actual laws are spread throughout parts of Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus and Deuteronomy.

Smith’s “Daily Bible” does something cool here – he arranges the laws topically. Because many of our followers do not use “The Daily Bible” we will have to depart from his arrangement for these 17 days. The order there is too segmented to reproduce. Rather, we will be reading the laws in the order given starting with the laws found in Exodus, and the schedule will be found on

If you are using “The Daily Bible” you will enjoy the topical arrangement, but we hope you will also look at our schedule and keep adding your thoughts and comments!

After reviewing the details of the Law of Moses, we will pick up the history again with Moses’ final words, his death, and then Joshua leading the conquest of Canaan!



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