January 30, 2013

Today’s Reading: Exodus 29, 30, 31:1-11, 31:18

Highlights of Today’s Reading: More details about the tabernacle: Rituals for Aaron and his sons who will perform the daily services, daily offerings to consecrate (make holy) the tabernacle, instructions for an altar and laver, recipes for the anointing oil and incense, gifted men who would do the actual construction, and a few other miscellaneous laws.

One thing that stands out is the shedding of blood of blood in animal sacrifices. A bull and two rams were to be sacrificed to purify Aaron and the tabernacle itself, but also a bull and two lambs everyday as an offering for the tabernacle. This, we will see, is just the beginning of the animal sacrifices made by the children of Israel.

In 29:21 they were to take blood and sprinkle it on the beautiful garments that we read about yesterday! What happens when you sprinkle blood on fine clothing? What is the purpose of all this shedding of blood?


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  1. I have a tough question that is not politically correct. I have always wondered, do the Jewish people today practice this actual physical animal sacrifice today to include the sprinkling of the blood? I would think for those who believe the books of Moses are still in place today as God’s continued will, then these specific acts of worship would be required. Just thinking out loud

    • Jimmy Haynes

      Good question Kenny. It would be interesting to hear from a Jewish person concerning what they do, and if they are not keeping their law – why not? I know of no reason based on the Old Testament.

      I think about this same question regarding the Sabbath Law – is it still valid? and especially the penalty for breaking the Sabbath – death by stoning? I don’t think anyone truly observes the law as written.

      What do others think? I know I am glad we have Jesus “the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world” (John 1:29)

  2. Mary K

    Blood stains cloth. As to the purpose, it would seem to point to Jesus shedding his blood for sins one time for all. Since I live AD, it’s easy for me to draw this conclusion, plus there are letters in the New Testament that speak to this (Hebrews 9:12-14 for example). My question is, did the Isrealites in Moses time know this was what this ceremony was leading up to or were they just doing what they were told to do?

    • Jimmy Haynes

      I’ll comment on that but we would like to hear from more people out there! From our point of view we know it was a foreshadowing of Jesus – but I dont know how they could have understood that, especially that God would someday send His son. I do think it might have impressed them with the seriousness of their sin as they saw all of these innocent animals being killed in their place.

      About the garments. Do we think then that all of these beautiful garments were permanently blood stained?

      • Mary K

        I’ve not thought about this before. I imagine the blood stains never completely went away because these stains are very difficult, if not impossible to remove. It is like sin never completely being removed through animal sacrifices. Now I wonder how often the garments were replaced.

  3. Connie

    Wondering what the significance other than obedience to the strick details in putting blood on the right earlobes, right thumbs, right great toes of the priests; and the blood staining of such ornate garments. Very thankful & blessed to be living on this side of the cross. Today’s reading brought back memories of the stench just in driving by the Reelfoot slaughter house in TN.

  4. Kristy D

    I was thinking about that too. The clothing would be ruined. The blood would not come out. Today we have special products that may get blood out but i doubt there would be anything back then. I dont understand the purpose. I remember some songs that we sung in church when i was little. One stated “washed in the blood of the lamb” I believe. I think this is something to cleanse your soul. I think if you are washed in the blood then your soul would be cleansed and make you more worthy before God. I also do not understand the blood on the earlobe and toes.

    Today with all the animal rights groups out there, animal sacrifices would probably not be taken so well today. Usually when you hear of animal sacrifices today, it is usually associated with cults or the dark side of things.

    For the first two comment, I had a Jewish roommate back in college and I do not remember her doing anything special on the Sabbath with the special diet. There would be certain times of year that she would practice certain things. this was probably during the week of Sabbath. Similar to Catholics and Lent. But there was many a times we had Pizza (that contains yeast) during the Sabbath (which i assume is either Saturday or Sunday).

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