Invitation To Read The Bible In 2013

The Daily Bible Review is a “read through the Bible in one year” online class that will appear each day at this website. Starting tomorrow in this space you will find the scripture for the day, a brief summary of the day’s text, and a question or thought for discussion.  Those who sign up (by subscribing on the right)  will receive a reminder each day and be able to join the discussion.

Our schedule of readings is based on the outline in LaGard Smith’s Daily Bible.   He has arranged the Bible story chronologically – which is a very logical way to read the 66 books of the Bible (which in our Bible’s table of contents are not arranged chronologically).  For example  – it makes sense to read the Psalms of David at the point in his life at which they were written.  Again, its a  very logical way to read the Bible.

January 1st and Genesis 1 are the best time and place to begin so share this with your friends today. You can do that by liking us on Facebook using the link below. You could also share the web address with friends by email.

Any other good ideas as to how to invite more people to participate?


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3 Responses to Invitation To Read The Bible In 2013

  1. Cheryl McKay

    What a great way to start the new year! Thank you, Lakeshore for doing this! Happy New Year to all my church family!

  2. I just sent the link to my 2800+ followers on Twitter. we’ll see what the response is.

  3. Jimmy

    I sent it to a group of email friends and said “forgive me for spamming but…”. One wrote back “if your brother spams you 7 times in a day and 7 times in a day says ‘forgive me’ … (Rick Harrington)

    Anyway it’s an idea to send the link to old friends and contacts that you think might be up for this.

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